Welcome to the “Pick-up Line” Contest

What this contest is about?
We are in search of the best line from your published book. In other words, what line in your book is the best. What line do you think would make some want to pick up your book and read more.

Voting will begin at noon on March 23. Eastern Standard Time


  1. Anyone can enter a single line, non-sexual, from their published book(s)
  2. You may submit only one line from your book or multiple books (MAX. of 2)
  3. It must be your book. Pen names are fine but we will need to be able to verify from a website, FB page or Amazon account.
  4. Email your entry along with book title and image of the book cover to pr@crowdthehour.com
  5. Submit also a link to your book if you are selling online.


  1. You can vote only once for each entry
  2. You may vote for your own entry
  3. Tell your friends and family to come and vote
  4. Contest ends: April 16, 2018. All entries must be received by March 29.


  1. FIRST PLACE: $100 and a personal page on our website
  2. SECOND PLACE: An “Authors do it so Write!” or “I Write” t-shirt (see images below)
  3. THIRD PLACE: An “Authors do it so Write!” car/refrigerator magnet (see image below)
  4. ALL – everyone who enters will have a personal author’s page on our site for one month (see sample page)